On Sochi and human rights

I recently posted an essay over at Medium on my decision to pass on an incredible opportunity — to volunteer as a photo marshal at the Sochi Olympics. If you're interested in how I wrestled with that decision, please do give it a read. 

New photography

While I'll continue to update photography categories here, I'm now using the wonderful storytelling tools over at Exposure for timely photo stories. It's a platform unlike any other I've seen, and is not just shockingly simple and beautiful, but gives me a chance to tell stories — particularly travelogues — like I've always wanted to. Please take a moment to check out my page there; most recently updated with my year-end trip to Alaska. 


A new year brings a new project

I'll be spending much of 2013 as a consultant for Digital First Media (which jointly operates MediaNews Group and Journal Register Co. publications) helping to coordinate and launch a print redesign across all company properties. This will involve a lot of travel as part of a small team (including my good friends Tiffany Grandstaff and Alex Fong), making visits to each site to train users on the redesign and on Saxotech, the company's new content-management system. I'll still be available for smaller-scale projects in between launches, and will be able to work from wherever I happen to be (which, at least to start out the year, will be Charlottesville). We start soon — in a few weeks, in fact.