Most powerful photos of the year

As the year winds down, it's not exactly unique to look back on it via photography. Doing so here, though, is one of my more rewarding tasks. It's a chance to be a little more personal, write in my own voice and give readers a sense of what moves me when it comes to images. 

It's also overwhelming — in the best possible way — to spend weeks editing a cavalcade of stunning photographs. 

Here, then, is this year's post. (And here's last year's.) 

The new and improved Politico 28

The first edition of Politico 28, an annual magazine highlighting the 28 people influencing the future of Europe, started my first week on the ground in Brussels, and was a mad dash to the finish. It was, by and large, fine. But, aside from some brilliant illustrations by Luke Waller, not great. 

We learned our lessons and this year produced something that looks and feels and reads much more like a real magazine. You can flip through it here, and you'll find some excerpts on this site. 

On magazines

In California, the work I was most proud of came in the form of magazines, rather than newspaper pages. My good pal, Tiffany Grandstaff, and I launched these quarterly magazines from scratch. And while the first one was a little rough, they got much better. 

Sports-themed issues were a bit predictable in content, but we spread our wings a little more in commissioning smart and unexpected writing for Eat, the food magazine that I also edited; beautiful photography for Eureka, which celebrated life in California; and did attempt to push the envelope a bit with Play Ball, the baseball preview issue published after we'd worked out some initial kinks.

There are a few pages on this site from these publications, but they're best viewed as a whole. You can flip through several issues by clicking here

Right, then, Europe

Is it worth having a "News" section on your web site if the only news that is posted is "I have changed jobs and live somewhere new now?"

While that is debatable, it is also true: I have changed jobs and live somewhere new now. In September 2015, I accepted a job as creative director for POLITICO's European operation. So now I live in Brussels and the States are all the way over there —> but that is ok because Europe is all around me. 

A(nother) new chapter

Last month, I returned to a newsroom on a more permanent basis than my in-and-out stops consulting for Digital First. In mid-April, I started work as Visuals Editor for the Bay Area News Group, where I'm in charge of the photography and design departments for the San Jose Mercury News, Contra Costa Times, Oakland Tribune and a host of smaller dailies and weeklies. 

In addition to getting to tackle some new challenges in that job description, I've returned to a place with many familiar faces and get to work closely with a few very good friends. Makes for a relatively easy transition. 

I'm now based in Lafayette, Calif., and continue to be available for freelance work, though now on a decidedly tighter schedule.